Workshop Program

Workshop format

Building on the arguments and directions for decolonisation, this online workshop has two main phases, apart from introduction and outcomes:

Phase 1: PD of a social robot [1hour]: Participants are grouped in smaller groups and immediately engaged in the codesign of a social robot for defined diverse contexts (be it organisational, community, private or public spaces). The design techniques will be “borrowed” from the suggested methods in the position papers and/or prescribed by the organisers such as using “consensus method” in one group, but also allowing the participants to negotiate design methods. Only once the groups share their design outputs with the rest of the group do they reveal who they are and position their research in relation to their created robots, their personal values and views.

Phase 2: Embracing epistemologies dialogue [1 hour]: The plurality of epistemologies in the room are now made explicit triggered by the created artefacts and attached values. Each participant will position themselves, map out their methods or concepts, and express how they create knowledge looking at phase 1, a research through design approach. Possible decolonisation of PD practices are presented in form of an engaged Bohm dialogue.

Date: Tuesday 16 June 2020

Manizales 7-12 AM / Sao Paulo 9-14 AM / Copenhagen 2 – 7 PM

Windhoek 2 – 7 PM / Melbourne 22 PM-3 AM / Portland 5-10 AM

Program (local time Manizales)

7-8 am Introductions and welcome

Phase 1: Participatory design of a social robot (Miro)

8-9.30 am PDC: Thinking/Making Otherwise (FP5), including:

Decolonizing Participatory Design: Memory Making in Namibia 

Rachel Charlotte Smith, Heike Winschiers-Theophilus, 

Asnath Paula Kambunga, Sarala Krishnamurthy

PD Otherwise will be Pluriversal (Or it Won’t Be)

Pablo Calderón Salazar, Liesbeth Huybrechts

10-12 am Sharing robots, tools and concepts

Phase 2: Embracing epistemologies dialogue

Outcomes and next steps

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