Debates around decolonisation are central in contemporary discussions on design and technology in a global context. Participatory Design (PD) approaches seem particularly well-suited to contribute to debates of decolonisation in design due to its long-standing political traditions and values of democracy and empowerment in design and future-making. Decolonising discourse teaches us that we need to move away from the universalising ‘grand narratives’ (of knowledge production) and focus on contextualising diverse people, epistemologies and modes of knowledge production [11, 19]. Yet, most contributions that point to decolonising PD argue for its theoretical relevance but without demonstrating what a shift towards decolonisation means in practice [18, 19].

This interactive workshop will invigorate the gap in PD debates of decolonisation by bringing together and demonstrating how participatory designers in diverse global contexts are working with and adapting modes, concepts, methodologies and sensibilities of PD into decolonising practices. These practices not only create new shifts and worldviews, but have potential for developing truly transcultural and transdisciplinary PD approaches.

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